Flint Horror Con

Saturday, October 20

Downtown Flint at the historic Masonic Temple

755 S. Saginaw Street
Flint, Michigan 48502

Flint Horror Con opens its doors at 12PM and closes at 10PM.

Handicap accessible from an access point on Fourth Street. The Masonic Temple is located on Saginaw Street at the corner of Fourth Street and near Court St. and across from Halo Burger.

There is limited parking in the rear of the Masonic but there is a lot just behind it at the corners of Harrison and Fourth St. There is also street parking and parking available at the ‘Flat Lot’ parking lot about six blocks down Saginaw Street, right downtown between First Street and Kearsley Street. There are plenty of free places to park downtown though for that day and evening.

While at the con you'll get a wristband when you pay for admission so you can come and go as you please so be sure to check out the many local restaurants, pubs, or bars in the downtown area

What will be at the convention?






And above all a full day and night of good, creepy fun!

Come out and spend the day at HorrorCon for only $10!

"Flint Horror Con is comprised of four friends who are lifelong fans of horror, special effects, haunted houses, and all the things that go bump in the night. Right along with our love for the creepier things in life is a strong love for Flint, Michigan, where we'll be having the event. It isn't hard to find negative things about Flint with a quick search but what is often missed is the passion and talent that is here every day and it's our hope that in bringing the convention downtown we'll join a growing trend of new life and excitement here.

The Flint Horror Con sprang from a desire to take all of our collective passions and to create something special for horror fans in Mid-Michigan. All four of us have been to a lot of conventions and too often you feel like you are cattle and are hit with high prices at every turn so our aim is to give fans a day where they can get together and have fun, watch some movies, dress up in costumes, and pick up something scary from our vendors and all for a low entry price. We want to make a fun, friendly, and inexpensive day. A day you won't forget."

website - www.flinthorrorcon.com

twitter - @flinthorrorcon

Email    flinthorrorcon@gmail.com

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